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Curriculum Requirements


The Bethpage Academy of Technology is a unique curriculum offering for high school students built around a core of classes that place computer technology at the center of learning.  Students may earn an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology or an Advanced Diploma in New Media by completing five semesters of study in either of the sequences below. 

Advanced Diploma in
Information Technology*
Advanced Diploma in New Media*
  • Web Design (Grade 8) (1 Semester)
  • IT Essentials (1 Semester)
  • Computer Programming
    (2 Semesters)
  • AP Computer Science (2 Semesters)
  • Web Design (Grade 8) (1 Semester)
  • Digital Art & Multimedia (2 Semesters)
  • Digital Photography (1 Semester)
  • Computer Music I (1 Semester)
  • Computer Music II (1 Semester)
* Five Semesters of Study Required


The Bethpage Academy of Technology, in its mission to provide students with exposure to cutting edge advances in all aspects of instructional technology, is expanding to offer secondary students insight into the emerging field of biotechnology.  Students will create a portfolio of experiences which must include a minimum of 100 points worth of credit from five distinct categories. Students may earn a maximum of 35 points from Classroom Experiences and 35 points from Independent Activities.  The additional 30 points may be earned by completing tasks from the remaining categories; students must complete at least one assignment from the Scholarly Review, Historical Perspectives, and Bioethics.  The portfolio will be reviewed by a committee and, if accepted, will entitle the student to a special designation in Biotechnology from the Bethpage Academy of Technology.  

NOTE: Students enrolled in the Bethpage Academy of Technology must complete all the requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma as outlined by the New York Board of Regents.