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Based on the principles of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning


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The Bethpage 21st Century Scholars' Program is designed to assist students to fulfill their full potential as students and citizens. Students maintain a portfolio of tasks that demonstrate their learning both in-and-outside of school. Tasks are widely varied but fall into categories of Communication, Information Technology, Health/Fitness, Financial/Business Literacy, Global Awareness, and Career Awareness. The program hopes students will follow their passions and explore topics of personal interest while developing the skills to be good citizens and thinkers for the challenging 21st Century. Bethpage students completing the program are great examples of well-rounded scholars with interests in the arts, sports, literature, and the world. The portfolio utilizes new 21st Century forms of learning including online courses, podcasting, video creation, blogs, and discussion forums all integrated into an electronic portfolio maintained by the student with constant feedback by a dedicated faculty.


Sample tasks include:

  • After school literature circles
  • Internships and shadowing experiences
  • Online geography course
  • Personal health plans
  • News discussion groups
  • Technology certifications
  • Visits to cultural institutions
  • Small group presentations
  • Support for third language acquisition
  • Community service

    VIDEO:  Introduction to the 21st Century Scholars Program: Intended Audience for Video: Grades 4-5
    (overview/refresher that includes information about the program, goals, how to access the portfolio, logging into the portfolio, parent & student responsibilities, checking point progress, basic navigation of the portfolio)

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