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John F. Kennedy Middle School


500 Broadway,
Bethpage, NY 11714

PRINCIPAL: Mr. Kevin Fullerton


DEANS: Mary Padalino and Jill Bennardo


Main Office:
516-644-4200 (Phone)
516-644-4205 (Fax)

Extra Help Schedule, 2020-21



In the News

Grade 6 to Grade 7 Parent Orientation

John F. Kennedy Middle School has created a virtual orientation for the parents of any students going from Grade 6 into Grade 7 in 2021-22. 

Please click on the link below to access the orientation.

Grade 6 to Grade 7 Parent Orientation


Magnificent Mathletes!

Congratulations to the John F. Kennedy Mathletes - Devaanshi Kawatra, Laasya Marada, Aleena Hussain, Matthew Cusumano, Vincent Wang, Aaryan Rupesh, Aaryan Kalfan, and Jessica Wojnicki.  The team competed in the Math Counts Foundation Chapter Competition on February 5, 2021.  The top scoring student - Jessica Wojnicki - advanced to the Math Counts Chapter Invitational Competition, which took place on February 25, 2021!  Congratulations to all of the students! 


Virtual Cabaret Night

The John F. Kennedy Middle School Masquers' Guild cordially invites you to their Virtual Cabaret Night! The Virtual Cabaret Night centers around the theme "From Screen to Stage". It will be an evening celebrating Hollywood's beloved movies turned musicals!

The show will feature over thirty talented students from John F. Kennedy Middle School performing some of your favorite songs.

The show will stream LIVE on Friday, February 12, 2021 on YouTube at 7:30 PM and is FREE of charge!

If you entered the Bethpage Association of Music 50/50 Raffle, the winning ticket will be pulled at intermission during the livestream!

The link to watch John F. Kennedy's Virtual Cabaret Night is below.  We hope you enjoy the show!

John F. Kennedy Middle School's Virtual Cabaret Night


21st Century: Virtual Mask Lanyards

On Wednesday, October 14, 2020 and Wednesday, November 18, 2020, students joined Ms. Klein and Ms. McKweon through Google Meet to create handmade fishtail lanyards for their facemasks.  The lanyard will come in handy for when students take a break from wearing their masks and will relieve the students from removing the mask completely. Instead, the mask will hang from their neck. Printed directions were provided and Ms. Klein also created a WeVideo to help students understand each step.

Photo Gallery


Extra Help and Virtual Clubs

John F. Kennedy Middle School's Extra Help and Virtual Clubs will begin the week of October 5, 2020.  Please refer to the schedule available at the link below for more information.

John F. Kennedy Middle School: Extra Help Schedule, 2020-21

John F. Kennedy Middle School: Virtual Clubs & Descriptions, 2020-21


John F. Kennedy's "Smart Restart" for 2020-21

Please join Mr. Fullerton, Ms. Hayes, Mr. Reardon, and Bethpage's favorite mascot, Joe Eagle as they review some of the new procedures for the upcoming 2020-21 school year!

John F. Kennedy Middle School's "Smart Restart" for 2020-21


21st Century: Virtual DIY Flip Flop

Mrs. Klein and Ms. McKweon facilitated the first of many 21st Century activities for John F. Kennedy Middle School students.  In this activity appropriate for the season, students customized flip flops using bedazzling beads, feathers, buttons, and glue.  The students participated in the activity through Google Meet.  Hopefully, all of the participants can enjoy fashioning their new flip flops during the remainder of the summer!

Photo Gallery


Supply Lists for 2020-21

Classroom supply lists for John F. Kennedy Middle School students are now available.  Click on the grade level that you will be enrolled in for the 2020-21 school year below.

Grade 6 Supply List

Grade 7 Supply List

Grade 8 Supply List


John F. Kennedy Middle School Virtual Moving Up Ceremony: June 18, 2020 at 2:00 PM

To access the John F. Kennedy Middle School "Class of 2020" Moving Up Ceremony, please click on the link below. Congratulations to all of the students in John F. Kennedy's Class of 2020!

John F. Kennedy Middle School Virtual Moving Up Ceremony

John F. Kennedy Middle School Car Parade: Recap


John F. Kennedy Middle School: Grade 5 to Grade 6 & Grade 6 to Grade 7 Virtual Orientation

Given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, John F. Kennedy Middle School has created a virtual orientation for the parents of any students entering 6th Grade in the upcoming school year as well as those going from Grade 6 into Grade 7.

Grade 5 to Grade 6 Orientation

Grade 6 to Grade 7 Orientation


March Mammal Madness in Bethpage

Untitled_design_(44).png thumbnail182235

Schools throughout the Bethpage School District recently participated in March Mammal Madness, an annual tournament of simulated competition among animals that uses scientific literature to predict likely outcomes of the battle. The nationwide project was developed by mammalian biologist and professor Dr. Katie Hinde in 2013 and since has grown to include thousands of students from grades K-12.

Bethpage High School science teacher Susan Sciglibaglio introduced the project as a fun way to highlight and emphasize the importance of sustaining biodiversity, which is the overarching theme of her AP environmental science classes. The activity is tied to curriculum units on evolution, habitats, attributes and adaptations and participants can make their picks from student-generated research posted in the classroom.

Mrs. Sciglibaglio, along with science teacher Tess Strauch, set up a Google classroom for participants to submit their picks. They then went on to recruit teachers from other schools in the district to participate. As a result, classes at Bethpage High School, John F. Kennedy Middle School and Central Boulevard Elementary School have opened the tournament to almost 400 students.

In each school, large brackets are set up in the hallways to track the competitions and the winners. The battles take place on designated evenings and video recaps are posted on YouTube the next day. The classes watch the recaps together in person and discuss the outcomes as it pertains to their science units.

Compassion in Action at JFK

Compassion_in_Action_(1).png thumbnail182163

The Character Education Committee at John F. Kennedy Middle School in the Bethpage School District aims to recognize students and staff for exhibiting certain character traits in the school building and throughout the community.

Each month, two teachers or school staff members sign up to take on a monthly character trait to focus on. Throughout March, school psychologist Kyle Bristol and literacy teacher assistant Danielle Attard decided to focus on compassion and developed an initiative called “Compassion in Action.”

All students and staff members were sent a Google Form in which they were asked to record the names of their peers or school staff they observed doing something compassionate, such as friendly greetings in the hallways, giving compliments or helping others with schoolwork. Students and staff have been recognized on the district’s Twitter page and via schoolwide emails for their upstanding commitment to having compassion for those around them.


A Marathon of Coding in Bethpage

Untitled_design_(35).png thumbnail181671

The Bethpage Cyber Eagles, a team of student coders from John F. Kennedy Middle School, participated in the middle school junior division kidOYO hackathon on March 12. A hackathon is a timed event in which teams compete against one another in coding challenges. Typically, school districts throughout Long Island gather to participate in a hackathon, but due to health and safety guidelines the schools competed virtually.

This year’s competition was a Samurai Conquest in which teams had to gain control of territories by completing coding challenges. The Cyber Eagles conquered two territories and finished fourth in the hackathon. The team is supported and trained by computer literacy teachers Christopher Attard and Shannon Maloney, and Director of Technology Andrew Choi.


JFK Students inducted into NJHS

Untitled_design_(26).png thumbnail181392
Evln8m2XUAEKk6r_(1).jpg thumbnail181393
  John F. Kennedy Middle School held two virtual National Junior Honor Society induction ceremonies on March 3 and 4. The students were recognized for their grades, service, leadership, character and citizenship, the pillars of being a member of the society.  

100 Days of Learning in Bethpage

CCS_100_Day_1.jpg thumbnail181108

Schools throughout the district recently celebrated 100 days of school! Students participated in a variety of 100-day themed activities, such as dressing up as 100 year olds, constructing a 100-link chain, creating t-shirts with the 100-day theme and many others. Thank you to all involved to make this celebration of 100 days of learning so special. 

JFK Students Take the Stage for Virtual Cabaret Night

Untitled_design_(13).png thumbnail180743

Members of The Masquer’s Guild at John F. Kennedy Middle School released “From Screen to Stage,” a virtual cabaret night featuring songs from Hollywood movies turned musicals, on Feb. 12. After two months of rehearsing remotely, more than 30 students filmed 15 performances, including solos, duets and trios, in the school’s auditorium. The show culminated with a socially distanced finale featuring the entire Masquer’s Guild.

“We wanted to find something to do to keep the students engaged,” teacher and coordinator Zachary Levy said. “The cabaret night was something I did in high school and it could be done safely and virtually.”



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