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Bethpage Dad's Club

Founded in 1954


What is the Dad's Club?

We are Moms and Dads of Middle School and High School students who are concerned with furthering the quality of their education and success of their extracurricular activities in Bethpage.

You know us, we serve food and refreshments at all home football games and the wrestling tournaments! We're the people who take all the team pictures every year!

We are the liaison between the students, athletes, teachers, advisors, coaches, and administration of the school district.


Throughout the years, we continue to:

  • Award numerous scholarships to deserving students
  • Sponsor the annual Honor Society Dinner
  • Sponsor the annual Boys/Girls Varsity Awards Dinners
  • Sponsor the High School Wrestling tournament
  • Co-sponsor Homecoming/Bethpage Day
  • Sponsor the December basketball tournament
  • Give financial help to various teams, clubs, and organizations

In prior years, we have:

  • Helped acquire a batting cage for baseball/softball
  • Donated a defibrillator (AED) to the schools for our children
  • Donated a scoring table for school sporting events and helped acquire all the new scoreboards at the schools

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS NOW by joining and becoming a member!  You can also show your support by volunteering during the year at any of our functions. Our meetings are fun and informal, are open to all, and are held the third Wednesday of every month in the Principal's Conference Room at the High School at 7:30PM.  All are welcome!

Call Co-Presidents Matt & Kim Tarabokija at 516-681-5584 to ask how you can get involved!



Kim Tarabokija
Vice President
Jenn Testani
Christine Paola
Co-Recording Secretary
Debbie Keener
Janene Kelly

Co-Corresponding Secretary
Kim Tarabokija
Janene Kelly
Debbie Keener
Michele Poggio
JFK Liason
Jen Testani
Trish Bestany