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On Thursday, February 2, 2017, several Grade 4 & 5 students from Charles Campagne visited DogAbility in Hicksville with Ms. Tierney and Ms. Gonyon. The students had the opportunity to work with and learn all about therapy dogs. The students had a great time!

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Earthquake Waves

Mrs. Kelly's Grade 5 class has been studying Earthquakes in Science for the law few weeks. Just recently, the students completed a project where they were able to create their own P-Waves which are the primary waves of an earthquake. They are the fastest moving waves and the first to be identified on a seismograph! The students used everyday household items to complete this activity. After they experimented within their own classroom, the students were then able to pass on their newfound knowledge to Ms. Peters' Grade 3 class. Mrs. Kelly's students were now experts on this topic and were able to share their knowledge about Earthquakes! Ms. Peter's class thoroughly enjoyed learning about Earthquakes as much as Mrs. Kelly's class!

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Brain STEAM Ahead!

The Nassau County Math Teachers Association presents Brain STEAM Ahead! Parents and children will participate in hands-on activities focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The event will take place on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Rushmore Ave School in Carle Place.  Have fun exploring and learning while building bridges, kaleidoscopes, paper airplanes, rockets, and much more!  For additional information, please refer to the flyer:  Brain STEAM Ahead!

Earthquake Study

Students in Mrs. Seidita's Grade 5 class learned about earthquakes. The students studied causes of earthquakes, how they are measured, and their effects. The students read an article by National Geographic titled Safe Houses. The class learned about different areas around the world that are prone to earthquakes. From the article, the students discussed different resources that countries have in order to design homes that can withstand an earthquake. The students used marshmallows and toothpicks to design a structure. The class then tested their structures in a pan of jello. The jello acted as earthquake waves! The groups of students made changes to their structures and re-tested them! The class had a great time learning about earthquakes and engineering!

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21st Century: Learning About the Special Olympics

On Saturday, January 7, 2017, elementary school students from across the district met with Mrs. Tierney and Ms. Tierney to learn about the history and mission of the Special Olympics and a few different types of disabilities. Students also created motivational and encouraging posters to hang up when Bethpage Schools hosts the upcoming Special Olympics on May 20, 2017 and May 21, 2017. A great time was had by all of the participants!

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Trapping Gingerbread Babies

Grade 1 students at Charles Campagne Elementary School spent several Library classes designing and creating safe traps to catch the gingerbread baby. Ms. Ivers shared the story "The Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett. The children then used a Library class to work in groups to create a design or blueprint to safely catch the gingerbread baby using supplies such as paper plates, paper cups, paper clips, sticks, and straws. Over the next two weeks with the guidance of Ms. Ivers and their teachers, the children used supplies to build gingerbread baby traps in the Library. The children learned that sometimes designs had to be revised and adjusted. Many gingerbread babies were safely caught!

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21st Century: Scrapbooking

Students at Charles Campagne Elementary School participated in a six week 21st Century scrapbooking program under the direction of Ms. Ivers, Mrs. Groom, and Mrs. Buonaiuto. Students designed and created a 12x12 scrapbook as a holiday gift for someone special. The children enjoyed learning about scrapbooking and being creative and artistic to create their special album. The participants will leave the final class with a wrapped scrapbook as a gift.

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Read to Achieve

Grade 3 students throughout the district gathered at Bethpage High School to participate in a pep rally intended to bolster their interest in reading and reiterate its importance in their future academic careers, as well as create a mentorship between high school scholar athletes and elementary school students. A tradition for more than a decade, the program included interactive dialogue from many district administrators and the scholar athletes regarding their favorite books and a discussion on why reading is so important on the road to success. The students also got the opportunity afterwards to shoot some hoops with the high school scholar athletes!


Argonauts Research of Oil Spills

The Argonauts at Charles Campagne Elementary School tried their hand at removing oil from water as they recreated an oil spill. They researched what occurred during the Exxon-Valdez oil spill and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. They also explored the effects on the environment as a result of these disasters. Argonauts designed their own experiments to explore which materials would most effectively remove the oil.

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Book Character Dress Up Day!

Students at Charles Campagne Elementary School participated in the Book Character Dress Up Day on October 31, 2016. This event was planned by the librarian, Ms. Ivers. Children in Grades K-5 came to school dressed as their favorite book character. The Charles Campagne staff also dressed in costumes. Some costumes included: superheroes, witches, sports players, princesses, Pokemon, and much more! As part of the celebration, the students in Grades 3-5 read to the children in Grades K-2 and the ABA classes. It was a great day to share books, costumes, and meet new friends!



Happy Halloween from Charles Campagne!

The superhero staff at Charles Campagne Elementary School would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween! 


"Symbolic" Butterflies Fly to Mexico

The Grade 3 students at Charles Campagne Elementary School are observing the migration of butterflies going south. With the help of Ms. Ivers, the librarian, the children are following the fall migration of monarch butterflies to Mexico. The students are using the Journey North website to learn about butterfly migration. As part of this project, children have participated in a "symbolic" migration of paper butterflies. During Art, Mrs. Hermann worked with the Grade 3 students to create symmetrical paper butterflies. In early October, the paper butterflies began their migration to Mexico. They were mailed to Journey North. From there, they will be sent to the children in Mexico who live near to where the real butterflies migrate. In the Spring, new paper butterflies will "migrate" to us.


Kindergarten Students Buzz Using Bee Bots to Explore STEM

Kindergarten students at Charles Campagne Elementary School were the first to participate in a NEW initiative across Bethpage Schools designed to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experiences to all elementary school students. Students in Mrs. Bedney and Mrs. Fink's kindergarten classes explored Bee Bots.  A Bee Bot is a tool for teaching estimation, sequencing, and problem solving! Under the direction of Mrs. Marcis, students eagerly and enthusiastically worked alongside Mr. Clark, Superintendent of Schools; Mr. Schneider, Assistant Superintendent; Mrs. Yale, Director of Science; Mr. Titolo, Director of Mathematics; and Mrs. Lindsay-DiFiglia, Principal to program the Bee Bots to turn 90-degrees left or 90-degrees right and move forward or backward. Students practiced programming their Bee Bots to reach a "flower" on a grid. These though-provoking activities are just the first steps in the district's initiative to bring STEM to all Bethpage students!

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