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Writers' share Their Work


Students across the district completed their first Writing Workshop unit, composing narratives from Todd Parr stories in Kindergarten to memoirs in fifth grade. The final stage in the process, “Publishing,” is celebrated in a variety of ways. Pictured are CBS Kindgarten children sharing their Todd Parr creations, first and second graders reading their Real World writing and personal narratives to each other, CBS third graders’ Writing Museum, featuring their Small Moment narratives, and CBS fifth graders participating Fireside Memoirs.  Congratulations to the students and teachers for all their hard work going all the way from the first stage “Immersion” to the final stage “Publishing.”

Cracking The Code

Across the district, students in grades 3-5 practiced their computer science skills by participating in an Hour of Code on Dec. 6.

According to its website, Hour of Code is a global movement presented by Computer Science Education Week and that reaches millions of students in more than 180 countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming. 

David Schneider, the district’s Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Technology, and Andrew Choi, Director of Technology, broadcast live to each third-, fourth- and fifth-grade elementary classroom from the Bethpage High School television studio, where they explained the purpose of the Hour of Code and described the coding students would be doing.

Using their school-issued Chromebooks, students logged on to to complete missions in Minecraft, programming characters with coding blocks to move through mazes. 

Parent Night Out

A great time was had by all at our first ever Parents Night Out event!  Parents were welcome to donate to the BHS Girl's Softball team and drop their child off at BHS for a night of fun activities as organized by Ms. Tierney and several other colleagues.  It was a fantastic evening- full of fun and smiling faces!

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Read to Achieve

Bethpage held its annual Read to Achieve program where all the third graders in the district come up to Bethpage High School to listen to our Scholar-Athlete Captains talk about the importance of sportsmanship, doing well in school and READING!  After a demonstration by the Kickline and the Cheerleaders and a visit by the Eagle himself, the third graders got to shoot hoops with the Captains!  It was a great day.  Thanks to everyone involved!

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CBS Golf

Students love the 18 hole golf course set up in the Central Blvd. Gym by Mrs. Agovino and Mr. Braglia!  Students went from hole to hole on the challenging course with some good talent being displayed!  
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