Geography Bee Winner

Geography Bee Winner
John F. Kennedy Middle School held its annual Geography Bee after school on Wednesday, Jan. 11. Dozens of students competed for first place but none could beat sixth-grade student Patrick Dircks from Mr. Kramer’s class. Congratulations Patrick!

Fashion Show

Faculty, staff and students came from around the district for the Annual Fashion Show that combines haute couture with fundraising for bully prevention activities.  Faculty and staff looked pretty awesome dressed in the latest designs and students performed musical numbers.  A special appearance from our friend Sal Valentinetti was a highlight!

Thanks to everyone who participated and to Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Glassman, Mrs. Marcucci and Mrs. Hayes for arranging the evening!

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Visiting Bethpage Credit Union

JFK 21st Century students visited Bethpage Federal Credit Union over the holiday break and got a tour of the facilities and the opportunity to meet lots of employees and CEO Wayne Grosse.  Everyone was very kind and talked about their career paths.  Students visited each division of the bank and also visited the vault where they got see what $100,000 in cash looks like!  It was all very interesting and BFCU employees put the students through some mock loan interviews.  Thanks to everyone at BFCU for being such good neighbors and hosts!

Halloween at JFK

JFK had an outstanding Halloween Party with almost 500 students attending in some great costumes!  Teachers and Staff also got in the spirit with some imaginative outfits!  Congratulations to everyone!

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Soaring Eagles at JFK


On Thursday, October 27, 2016 JFK Middle School hosted their annual “Soaring Eagles Day”. The day was full of character education workshops that were built around inspirational author and speaker Marc Mero’s message. Mr. Mero is a former football and hockey all-star, a four time NYS Boxing champion, a WWE Wrestling Champion and the founder of “Champion of Choices”. The day ended with the annual Pep Rally where the JFK student body cheered for the middle school athletic teams as well as local athletes from the Special Olympics. Overall, it was a fantastic day for the JFK teachers, staff and students. 

Book Tasting at JFK


Our JFK librarian, Ms. Phillips, held a “book tasting” in the “Library Cafe,” where 8th grade English students sampled various books on the menu. Complete with table settings, a roaring “fire,” and flowers on the table, the library was transformed into a fancy feast for readers. Students enjoyed perusing through Ms. Phillips’ suggestions for each course while “dining” with their classmates. 


JFK held its first TGIF of the year and it was an energetic success with over 450 students attending!  Everyone had a great time playing basketball, dodgeball, ping pong, board games, swimming, watching movies and eating over 60 pizzas!  Thanks to all the teachers and staff who volunteered to join us on a great Friday night!

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French Club Car Wash


On Sept. 17, the French Club held its annual car wash. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a lot of fun. We raised over $400 which will help fund the club's trips.  Thanks to everyone who participated and to Madame Ciarniello! 

21st C to Sands Point Preserve

21st Century students spent a beautiful afternoon at the Sands Point Preserve.  They were able to tour Hempstead House, see Castle Gould and then walk the grounds with a staff biologist!  It was all terrific!  Thanks to staff members Leah and Eric for being our guides.