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Elementary Robo Eagles

Elementary Robo Eagles Photo 1
Elementary Robo Eagles Photo 2
Kramer Lane Elementary hosted a demonstration by members of the FIRST Lego League for its third- through fifth-grade students. The demo was done by Vinaya and Sridev Raghavan whose son, Ankur, is part of an out-of-district FIRST Lego team, Robo Eagles, with fellow fifth-graders from both Kramer Lane and Central Boulevard schools. The team took their peers through this year’s challenge mat, titled Animal Allies, and showed them how the robot is built and works. Although it is only the team’s first year, they were one of 40 that qualified for the championships and won the Robot Design Award for Strategy and Innovation.

Recognition of Excellence


Bethpage held its annual Recognition of Excellence Dinner where BHS Seniors chosen by the faculty choose an elementary, middle and high school teacher who impacted their lives.  It was a great evening for the students and their parents and for the teachers honored!  Thanks to the BHS Jazz Ensemble for making it such a classy event under the direction of Mr. Stehlik!  The students spoke with incredible poise and were very impressive!

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KL Lip Sync

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Kramer Lane Lip Sync!  It was a tremendous success!  The PTA did an awesome job and there were some very talented students, parents and staff!

Author Visit

On Friday, March 17 author Dan Yaccarino visited with students.

Creative Constructions

Creative Constructions Photo

First-grade students in Ms. Schmidt's class at Kramer Lane used their creativity and problem-solving skills to create a perch for their new friend Harry the Pom Pom. After discussing how buildings are constructed and understanding that the base of a structure is key to holding it up, students were then given specific materials in which to construct their own perch which would hold Harry and allow him to see what is happening in their classroom. This STEM activity allowed for students to plan, revise and test as they built the perfect perch.

All-County Art Show

Congratulations to all the students in grades K-12 from all five Bethpage Schools who had their work displayed at the Annual All-County Art Exhibition!  The level of the work displayed was impressive!  Thanks to all the teachers involved and to Ms. Cardo who is the Co-Chair of the entire event!

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Seuss Meets STEM


In honor of Read Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday, third-graders at Kramer Lane worked on STEM-themed activities that related to the famous author’s books. Stations were setup to include “Horton Hatches the Egg,” where students created a nest to protect an egg; “Yertle the Turtle,” where students built a teetering turtle tower; and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!,” which allowed students to make hot air balloons. Students enjoyed the unique activities to honor the special day.

Fashion Show

Faculty, staff and students came from around the district for the Annual Fashion Show that combines haute couture with fundraising for bully prevention activities.  Faculty and staff looked pretty awesome dressed in the latest designs and students performed musical numbers.  A special appearance from our friend Sal Valentinetti was a highlight!

Thanks to everyone who participated and to Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Glassman, Mrs. Marcucci and Mrs. Hayes for arranging the evening!

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Read to Achieve

Third-grade students throughout the district gathered at Bethpage High School to participate in a pep rally intended to bolster their interest in reading and reiterate its importance in their future academic careers, as well as create a mentorship between high school scholar-athletes and elementary schoolers. A tradition for more than a decade, the program included interactive dialogue from many district administrators regarding their favorite books and discussion on why reading is so important on the road to success.

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Porquoi at Kramer Lane

Kramer Lane fourth graders wrote some creative "porquoi?" stories and then read them to listeners who were very interested in how they all turned out!  Great job to all the students and teachers!

Kramer Lane's Halloween

Teachers at Kramer Lane dressed up as their favorite Emoji. Our students were treated to a Halloween Carnival during recess courtesy of our amazing KL PTA and we had a school wide parade in the afternoon. Teachers, staff, students and parents had a fun filled day!

Red Ribbon Week

Bethpage Schools celebrated Red Ribbon Week with BHS students visiting our elementary schools to discuss topics of importance to children.  Thanks to the Social Workers for setting this up and to Christine Kennedy for making all the arrangements.