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Bethpage Senior Receives Perfect Score on AP Exam

Photo of Athanasia, her two teachers and director thumbnail224973
Photo of Athanasia, her two teachers and director thumbnail224974

Senior Athanasia Panagos from Bethpage High School accomplished an impressive feat for any student. She received a perfect score on the college-level Advanced Placement Research Exam in the spring of 2022. Athanasia earned the maximum AP score of a 5 and was one of only 306 students in the world to earn every point possible on the exam.

Her AP Research project was entitled “The Fluidity of Inherent Human Behavior and the Effects of Environmental Factors on Altruism and Greed.” The purpose of her study was to “determine whether human behavior is inherently or predisposed to greed or altruism, as well as if human nature is influenced by its environment.”

Upon learning of Athanasia's outstanding achievement, her AP Research teachers Kristen Garvey and Nicole Dulaney were thrilled.

“It is such an honor for Athanasia to be recognized as one of the top 306 AP Research papers, especially because there were 26,958 papers submitted globally,” said Ms. Garvey. “Athanasia was very passionate about her topic from the beginning of the year, and I am so proud of her and that her hard work paid off.”

Ms. Dulaney added that it was extremely rewarding watching Athanasia develop a valuable skillset by designing and implementing an original research project.

“I am confident she will continue to utilize these skills in both college and her career, and I look forward to her future success,” she said.

Congratulations, Athanasia!

Date Added: 9/28/2022

Central Boulevard Students Celebrate First Thoughtful Thursday of the School Year

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Students throughout Central Boulevard Elementary School marked the first Thoughtful Thursday of the 2022-23 school year on Sept. 22. The school community celebrates Thoughtful Thursday on a monthly basis by participating in a special lesson, activity or program that allows them to reflect on themselves or engage in an act of kindness.

This month, Central Boulevard students focused on the statements “thoughtful people think of their future” and “you are the driver of your own bus.” Each student created their own bus and drew a photo of an academic or social goal that they have for themselves. In addition, the students drew a photo of a goal that they have for themselves within the community such as volunteering more.

Each student colored their bus and had their creations displayed outside of their classroom for the whole school community to see.

Date Added: 9/28/2022

Student-Scientists Have Waves of Fun at Kramer Lane Elementary School

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Four boys working on slinky experiment on the floor thumbnail224936
Boy testing slinky on the floor thumbnail224937
Students on the floor of the STEM lab doing slinky experiment thumbnail224938
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Fourth graders from Kramer Lane Elementary School visited the school’s STEM lab during the week of Sept. 19 for interactive lessons all about waves.

Through different experiments, the students were able to define what a wave is and the different parts of a wave. Each fourth grade class visited the STEM lab once a day during the week to further their knowledge. Along with their classroom teacher, STEM teacher Mary Brunjes helped lead the students in the lessons.

One day during the week, the fourth graders explored the motion of an object with a slinky which served as a wave. Students were challenged to place a foam ball in a slinky and figure out how to keep the ball from moving as the slinky moves. They worked in small groups and took turns with the slinky as they made observations. The students learned that with their hand movement, the slinky was consistent and the ball remained in one spot. The fourth graders then gathered as a class to discuss their findings with their teacher and peers and filled out their science workbook.  

Date Added: 9/28/2022

Bethpage High School Hosts Mini College Fairs

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Students at the college fair thumbnail224874
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Students at the college fair thumbnail224876
Students at the college fair thumbnail224877
Students at the college fair thumbnail224878
Students at the college fair thumbnail224879
Students at the college fair thumbnail224880
Students at the college fair thumbnail224881
This month, the Bethpage High School Guidance Department held two mini college fairs in the high school gymnasium for juniors and seniors. More than 100 colleges and universities were in attendance on both dates. Students had the opportunity to speak with representatives and were able to ask questions. Mini college fairs are a great way for students to explore their options for after high school. The school will host a larger college fair in the spring.

Date Added: 9/23/2022

Bethpage’s Back-to-School Bash Marks the Start of a Strong School Year

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Students and families from throughout the Bethpage Union Free School District gathered for an evening of fun during the Bethpage PTA Council’s annual Back-to-School Bash on Sept. 16. Held outside under the lights of Bethpage High School’s athletic complex, PTAs from the different schools were stationed at tents where they sold Bethpage apparel and other fun items. 

Attendees also enjoyed delicious food from different food trucks. The event was a great way to kick off the Bethpage Union Free School District’s 2022-2023 school year. 

Date Added: 9/21/2022