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Athletic Wall of Fame

Congratulations to Debbie Dorsch and the late Joe Disanza for being honored at the Annual Wall of Fame ceremony!  Debbie was a four sport athlete who was a member of several championship teams and was often MVP!  Joe was the beloved Athletic Director and before that a teacher and coach.  It was a very nice ceremony that was followed up the next day by the Annual Howie Vogts Golf Tournament that raised funds for scholarships for Bethpage students.  Great job to John Coumatos and Bobby Zuk for all the arrangements!

Robots School the Board of Ed

The Bethpage Robotics Team- the Regal Eagles- came in one evening during the summer to demonstrate their fantastic robot to the Bethpage Board of Education.  The students talked about their remarkable year and then did a hands-on demonstration, allowing audience members to drive the robot.  The students along with advisors Mr. Zabell and Mr. Kay all had a great year!

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Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations Graduates Photo

Click here for a complete slideshow of photos from Friday evening’s ceremony.

Kramer Has Talent

Kramer Has Talent Photo
Fourth-graders at Kramer Lane got to showcase their talents in a Talent Show for their teachers and peers. An annual tradition, it is a fun way for the students to honor their final week as fourth-graders in the school. Talents this year included singing, dancing and comedy skits.

Moving On from CBS

Congratulations to the 5th Graders of Central Blvd. on their Moving On Day!  We are proud of all their accomplishments and look forward to seeing them at JFK Middle School next year!

Solar Cars

Solar Cars Pic 1
Fifth-grade students in Mrs. Kelly's class, Mrs. Seidita's class and Mrs. Yansick's classes built their own solar cars. Students worked with a partner to build the cars, following multistep directions and modifying the design as needed to help the cars drive smoothly. On June 20th, students went outside for a test run. At this point, many students found that further modifications were needed. Using scientific reasoning, changes were made to help the cars move smoothly, to travel in straight lines rather than in a circle, and to maximize solar power. After trial and error, the cars were a success! Students also held races to see whose cars was the fastest.

Moving On from Kramer Lane

Congratulations to the 5th Graders of Kramer Lane on their Moving On Day!  We are proud of all their accomplishments and look forward to seeing them at JFK Middle School next year!

Moving On from JFK

Congratulations to all the 8th graders who celebrated their Moving On ceremony today!!!  Three years at JFK are over and we are left with great memories!  Bethpage High School eagerly awaits!  Thanks to the teachers, staff and administrators for a great year!

Photo Gallery

Moving On from Charles Campagne

Congratulations to the 5th Graders of Charles Campagne on their Moving On Day!  We are proud of all their accomplishments and look forward to seeing them at JFK Middle School next year!

Hockey Alumni Game


Bethpage Varsity Hockey Team held their annual Alumni Game on June 17 at the Bethpage Ice Rink.  We had 40 alumni come down and play, our oldest player from the hockey team was from 1988, but our oldest alumni was from 1983.

Buddy Bench

Buddy Bench Photo
Charles Campagne Elementary School completed the installation of a Buddy Bench. Located in the playground area, the bench is meant to encourage friendships and to make sure all students have someone to play with at recess. Donated by the school’s PTA, school psychologist Dr. Ricci met with all of the students and explained the meaning of the Buddy Bench prior to its installation.

Environmental Testing

Mr. Clark discussed results of environmental testing within the Bethpage School District at the May 30 Board of Education meeting.  As everyone knows, the school district initiated environmental tests on its own.  We shared them recently with the Department of Environmental Conservation.  All documents related to environmental testing will be posted to the link below and update periodically.

Posting of all documents related to plume/air quality in Bethpage.


Spirit of America

Spirit of America Photo
In honor of Flag Day, kindergarten through second-grade students at Charles Campagne were treated to a patriotic and interactive program titled Spirit of America. The program reinforced the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as each of the 50 states in a fun and interactive manner.

Hatching a Lesson

Hatching a Lesson Photo
Students in Erin Austin's first-grade class at Central Boulevard participated in a citizen science project to help the environment. Working with the Seatuck Environment Association's Quail program the class hatched Northern Bobwhite Quail, which are a native species to our area. Once released into the wild the Northern Bobwhite Quail will eat ticks, which are at a record high this year. The experience reinforced the stages of the life cycle, including a 23-day incubation period and the emerging of the baby quails from their eggs. The quail will be released on June 16th.

Young Writers Conference


BHS students, Anastasia Castelli, Bhavika Garg, and Emily Cohen(not pictured), attended the Young Writer's Conference at Champlain College over this past Memorial Day weekend in which they participated in workshops and craft sessions taught by college professors and published writers.  They needed to submit sample pieces in order to be accepted into the program. 

In addition, Anastasia Castelli and Matt Mandolese both submitted short stories and were accepted to Adelphi University's weeklong summer writing course taught by college professors and graduate students.

We recognize these students for not only their writing abilities but also their willingness to share their talents with others, and ultimately to hone their skills.  We look forward to seeing future poetry and short stories from all of these writers. 

Nassau County Science


Six BHS students [seniors Alyssa D'Arrigo, Marianna Neranzitnis, and Brian McCarthy; junior Smiti Shah; freshmen Elisabeth Freedman and Bryan Hanley] competed in the Nassau County Science Competition which was hosted this year at Freeport HS.

Smiti medaled for "Best Display and Presentation" and Elisabeth won first place in her category as well as 3rd place overall (amongst all projects)!

Captains Honored

Captains Honored Photo
Congratulations to the varsity team captain who were recently recognized for their special athletic accomplishments throughout the year, as well as their exemplary leadership abilities throughout the season. Congratulations also to all of the Bethpage High School varsity team, who have all received the designation of a Scholar-Athlete Team from New York State!

Relay for Life

Once again the Bethpage community came together to support the fight against cancer.  For the 11th year in a row, BHS hosted Relay for Life.  In that time the residents of Bethpage have raised over $1 million.  Congratulations to everyone!  Special thanks to  Lenny O'Donnell and Jen Payne for again organizing such a great event!

Photo Gallery

Honoring Shanaz & Anthony

Shanaz Deen and Anthony Hernandez represented Bethpage at the County breakfast for Valedictorians and Salutatorians!  Their proud parents were there to watch and Mr. Spence and Mr. Clark were honored to be there as well.  Shanaz will be attending Princeton University and Anthony will be attending Molloy.  Congratulations to them!

Marine Fitness- Tops in Nation


Congratulations to the Marine Fitness Team for an outstanding season!  Everyone was impressive during the year in the various competitions including the one hosted at BHS.  Then in the national competition in California, the team really excelled.  The Girls were FIRST in the nation and took spots 1-5 and 7 in the individual rankings.  The Boys were SECOND in the nation and took places 2 and 6 in the individual rankings!  All very impressive!  Congratulations to all the members of the team and to Coaches Como and Rut!



Zeus Retires

Zeus Retires Photo
Zeus Retires Photo 2
For the ninth consecutive year, sixth-graders in Monica Klein’s social studies classes at JFK decided which god, goddess or hero would become the new ruler of Olympus when Zeus, played by Mrs. Klein’s father Ben Morselli, retires from the throne. Each student dressed the part of their chosen god and gave a speech that highlighted why they deserved to be the new ruler of Olympus.

Maritime Festival


Once again the Maritime Festival provided all the district’s 3rd graders with a close encounter of the marine kind!  The high school seniors did an outstanding job of welcoming and educating the elementary students.  Mrs. Rankin thrilled the children with her underwater videos and close up observations of the smaller creatures in the sea.  Mr. Hack demonstrated all the equipment used in SCUBA diving and performed an actual dive in the pool retrieving items thrown into the pool by the visitors.  This year we had a big fish fry and the seniors got to feast on the fish from the dissection station.  Many thanks to Mrs. Yale, Mr. Carroll, the custodial staff, buildings and grounds, the students of the ACE program and all the people who help make this possible.

BHS Joins AIDS Walk


The members of Students United for Tolerance and participants in the 21st Century Scholars program raised $1,790 and participated in the AIDS Walk NYC on Sunday May 21st, 2017.  Our Bethpage team of 33 students and 3 teachers walked over 6 miles through Central Park in support of people living with HIV/AIDS and to protect public health for everyone. The Walk was a beautiful experience for all.  Ms. Bertolotti and the Tolerance Club are grateful to all who walked, donated and supported our team.  Special thanks to Mr. Levy and Mrs. Gagliardi for joining us!

Long Island Special Olympics

The Long Island Special Olympics held an outstanding competition in Bethpage with 600 athletes being assisted by over 90 coaches and 500 volunteers!  It was an amazing day for everyone!  Lots of memories were made!  Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to the corporate sponsors as well as the Town of Oyster Bay for partnering with the Bethpage Schools!  We are already looking forward to next year!

Photo Gallery

Busy Builders Club


The JFK Kiwanis Builders Club has had a busy and productive April and May.


In April, our incoming president, Bryanna Ackerman, and incoming vice-president, Gabriela Carchi, along with advisor, Mrs. Ciarniello, attended the Long Island Divisional Kiwanis dinner and meeting at Domenico's in Levittown. Many clubs from various elementary, middle and high schools reported on their activities throughout the year.


In April and May, the Builders Club held a drive for the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter, collecting towels, dog biscuits, and cans of cat foods. We also made frozen treats, such as peanut-butter covered apples and yogurt-applesauce cups, to bring to the shelter.


On May 13, we brought these items to the shelter, had a lovely tour, and we also got to hold some kittens and see the dogs.


On May 16, several members helped Mrs. Dircks (from the JFK PTA) plant lovely spring flowers by the JFK entrance. The garden looks colorful and beautiful

Duke Lacrosse Clinic

The Duke Men's Lacrosse team conducted a free clinic for children in grades K-8 in advance of the Battle at Bethpage.  Dozens of students went through drills with the Duke team and everything was watched over by legendary Duke Coach John Danowski.  It was a great event.  Thanks to Coach and all the Duke players!

Explorers Support Special Olympics

The BHS Explorers Club set their minds to raise funds for the upcoming Long Island Special Olympics.  Collecting change in the high school cafeterias, they raised over $77 to support the games!  Many of the students will be joining us as athletes on that day.  Thanks to their advisor Ms. Srsic for always being there for them.  The students came over and talked to Mr. Clark and Mr. Schneider about the games and how excited they are!

Senior Citizen Prom

BHS Student Council hosted the 27th Annual Senior Citizen Prom and everyone had a great time celebrating the Under the Stars theme!  There was lots of good music, dancing and food as students waited on their guests and served them a full course meal!  Congratulations to everyone who attended and thanks to all the students who volunteered their time.  Special thanks to the teachers- Ms. Way and her husband Mr. Long (our key chef!), Ms. Sestak, Ms. Comunale  and Ms. Feyrer.  Everyone said they cannot wait until next year's prom!

Photo Gallery

Junior Banquet 2017

Congratulations to the Junior Class Officers for staging a great Junior Banquet!  A good time was had by all!  Congratulations to Ms.Molé and Mr. Russo for being great advisors!

Photo Gallery

Photo Contest Winners


Congratulations to the local winners of Senator Hannon's Photo Contest!  Thanks to Senator Hannon for organizing the event and to Mr. DeStefano for his guidance in our participation!  The winners were:

First Place: Hunter Bedard
Honorable Mention: Emily McGlynn
Honorable Mention: Polina Jimenez

Recognition of Excellence


Bethpage held its annual Recognition of Excellence Dinner where BHS Seniors chosen by the faculty choose an elementary, middle and high school teacher who impacted their lives.  It was a great evening for the students and their parents and for the teachers honored!  Thanks to the BHS Jazz Ensemble for making it such a classy event under the direction of Mr. Stehlik!  The students spoke with incredible poise and were very impressive!

Photo Gallery

KL Lip Sync

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Kramer Lane Lip Sync!  It was a tremendous success!  The PTA did an awesome job and there were some very talented students, parents and staff!

Robotics in Rockland

This year the BHS Robotics Team took on two competitions.  The first was in Rockland County and the next will be at Hofstra.  The robot looked to be in great shape during the meet!  Good luck to the team and to advisors Mr. Zabell and Mr. Kay!

Builders Bake


The JFK Kiwanis Builders Club, with help from the French classes, held a bake sale on March 16th to help raise money for the families in Bethpage whose house had a fire last month. We want to thank faculty, staff, and students for purchasing the delicious home-baked goods and also for the generous donations to this worthy cause. We are happy to have raised $362!

Kickline at NDA


The Bethpage Varsity "Golden Girls" Kickline traveled to Orlando, Florida this past weekend to compete in the NDA National Dance Competition.  The girls had a great time in Florida earning three top ten scores.  They ended their season with the following awards:

4th place in Small Varsity Kick

6th place in Large Varsity Team Performance

9th place in Medium Varsity Pom

Special recognition to the team Seniors: Captain Kimberly Foley, Captain Julie Grzybowski, Lauren Kerwin, Captain Nicole Malatestinic, Bryanna Portaro, Kayla Schnabel and Jackie Verdi.  The team wishes their 7 amazing Seniors the best of luck in the future.

JFK Student Learn Finance


On Monday February 27, 2017, a group of students met with Ms. Maloney and Ms. Okita to learn about creating a budget. Lina Penuela- Rannazzisi, from Bethpage Federal Credit Union came to facilitate this workshop. Each student was given a career and monthly income at random. Through an interactive lesson, students made financial decisions in terms of housing, transportation, clothing, food, and entertainment, while taking into consideration the monthly income they were given. Students were surprised by all the associated costs and how intricate creating a budget can be. The group had a great time and most importantly learned life lessons about making smart choices when it comes to finances.