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Technology in our Elementary Schools


Each of our three elementary schools have the following configuration:


  • Each K-5 Classroom has a Computer Center (1 Dell PIV, 1 Laser Printer)
  • Dell Computer Lab (25 Dell Pentium III, 1 Lexmark Color Laser Printer, 2 Laser Printers)
  • Library/Media Center (5 Dell Pentium II Computers with Laser Printer)
  • Internet Access via T1
  • Wide Area Network with Gigabit Ethernet connection

  • Class set of Google Chromebooks in Classroom Lockers for Grades 1-5

  • Chromebook Cart shared among Kindergarten and special content areas


We have excellent Computer Aides to assist our students and faculty!!


  • Ms. Karen Mayal (Central Boulevard)
  • Ms. Josephine Fenoaltea (Charles Campagne)
  • Ms. Mary Brunjes (Kramer Lane)